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Charterhouse Clinic Flore is a fully residential, luxurious drug and alcohol rehabilitation and behavioural health & wellbeing center set in a beautiful part of Northamptonshire.

As featured in The Parliamentary Review

The Parliamentary Review - Featuring Charterhouse ClinicCharterhouse Clinic is featured in The Parliamentary Review Publication’s Care Edition.

The Parliamentary Review - Best Practice Representative

What our clients say

Staff are understanding supportive, friendly and are what make the place.
I came in broken, and was loved until I could love myself. Truly grateful for all the love and support I received even when I was difficult, angry and at times rather needy - you helped me get to where I am today, thank you.
A beautiful and special place
Kerry B.
It's like being offered a gourmet fillet steak for the price of chips.
High class treatment facility at affordable prices.
Love it. Love it. Love it
Nicholas C.
Peaceful + Well balanced facility + Personal commitment = Recovery.
Love it
Katrina D.
Over 15 years of heavy chronic cocaine use. Charterhouse Clinic saves lives. I've been to all the best rehabs in the world but Charterhouse Clinic tops them all.
The BEST of the best
Franco F.

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